Stratalyne Client & Peer Comments




He was the leader of the group and was able to not only solve … problems but able to explain and help everyone in the group grasp the concepts. He helped us all succeed. I highly recommend him for a leadership position in any company.“

Source: Insurance Professional, large mid-western insurance agency


First had the privilege of working with Mike when he had financial responsibilities at Champlain. I found that, unlike others in his position, he was very broad in his thinking as well as in his outlook. Have recently rekindled a working relationship with him as am in awe of his drive and energy. His abilities and expertise have grown exponentially. He continues to think outside the norm. He is not only visionary but pragmatic. Mike will deliver.

Source: Business development consultant and previous colleague


… When Mike took the lead on group projects his take-charge attitude, financial acumen, and general management knowledge was a tremendous asset to our team. I would highly recommend Mike for a leadership position in any organization.

Source: Director of Sales, large mid-western transportation company


Hi Mike - - 

Thanks for meeting today.  Your support means the world. [omitted personal comments] So, I guess [we have made] some important progress. Have an awesome trip to Maine!

Source: Owner of a small business in Vermont



We've really enjoyed your involvement and are looking forward to continuing to collaborate. The momentum you've helped us generate is really powerful!

Thank you!

Source: President of a small business in Vermont



Thank you for your clear and valuable feedback.

I wanted to write you a note to let you know how valuable I have found your engagement with our company. You know that I am a new business owner, and I am developing a professional skill set. I used to lead pieces of wood, and now I lead people. It's been a challenging journey. In the absence of experience, I had developed some tactics and habits that were not helping our business. The testing that you've brought to the table has really clarified what is the piece of my person that is driving those habits and tactics and has allowed me to use my strengths more effectively. 

The process that you've brought to [our company] is not one that I could have developed, and I am watching our organization blossom thanks to that process. It's as though I have been trying to get plants to grow without any understanding that I have to water them, not just plant them. And I have to till the soil before I plant the seed.  I feel more engaged in my own business because I understand why things are happening and how to help and steer. 

Stratalyne has been able to teach me the basics while acknowledging the value that I am already bringing. What you've been able to do for my business is as magical to me as if you had changed a tire on a moving vehicle. I am honored, inspired, and grateful.

Thank you for your work, your experience, and your help.

Source: President of a small business in Vermont

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